How It’s Made?


Accurately organizing the storehouse, reutilizing waste products and wisely planning each production phase, are the key steps to achieve efficiency, waste reduction and high quality.

Selecting the raw materials

The best beech wood used by Dik FAGUS is carefully selected in Macedonian forests for its characteristics, respecting environmental impact and reforestation protocols.

Logging and drying

The selected hardwoods are graded by quality. Each wood has natural ‘defects’ such as knots, splits or wanes. The first class of woods is used for finished woodwork where appearance is important, in this case chair manufacturing. Then the logs are carried into the mill, where a saw machine cuts them into pieces with predetermined thickness. The cut and trimmed pieces of lumber are moved to an area to be dried. The right humidity level is essential for the final product’s high quality. The range between 8% and 10% we use, allows us to produce highly stable and durable chairs.

Shaping elements

In this section, our machineries shape, model and cut product parts from the previous made lumbers.


Creating the frames

The parts that make up the back or the front part of the frame are assembled in this phase. The use of the correct amount of glue is particularly important in this phase. An insufficient amount of glue would result in an unstable product while an excessive amount would lead to an unaesthetic result. These processes are fundamental for product stability and to produce a long lasting solid structure.

Give some color

The next step is spraying the frames. In the painting room the frames are sprayed with electric paint gun which produce an even coat of paint. Also, we invested into a robot spraying machines that made this process better, faster and a creation of a finished product with best quality.

Stitching, cutting, upholstering

The chairs are then taken into the upholstery section which process is according to customers’ wishes. Customer can choose the color, material and/or supply their own. This department is entirely dedicated to this phase in which the frame is padded and upholstered. Webbing and springs are skillfully fixed by hand to guarantee the best resistance of the seats.

Final quality check and delivery

After assembling, our artisans proceed the finished chair to quality check-each aspect and detail in order to guarantee the cohesion to the company’s distinctive quality standards.

Our company DIK Fagus is member of the Sedex platform. Sedex is a not for profit membership organization dedicated to driving improvements in ethical and responsible business practices in global supply chains. As the largest collaborative platform for sharing ethical supply chain data, Sedex is an innovative and effective supply chain management solution, helping you to reduce risk, protect your company reputation and improve supply chain practices.

Once the product has successfully passed these checks, it is packaged, labeled and stored in the warehouse ready for delivery.